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Stories to Feel

When you come from a family of storytellers, it is hard to ignore the power of a story to move people, to entertain, but also to challenge them, to change their thinking, or to address issues and heal hurts.

Most humans are built for empathy.  Our brains are wired to mirror what we see happening around us, and to feel a corresponding reaction to what we see others experiencing.  Stories, whether they be films, radio plays, short stories, novels or just the anecdote told by a mate down the pub, have the capacity to draw us in and give us a greater understanding of the world we live in and the people we relate to.

With this website, I want to make my stories available, stories which address the issues that gay and bisexual men face, their desire for love and companionship, their struggles with who they are as people and coming to terms with the discrepancy between what they see in themselves and the stories they have seen and heard from others.  There are many other types of stories, and from time to time, other themes may be predominant, but for now, I want to be able to let gay and bisexual men see themselves reflected in positive stories and let others have a window into our lives and humanity.

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