I dream of the open road   Clear skies and sunshine   Far from jammed roadworks     P R Sinclair   2016-12-31
The joy in his eyes   The warm hug that says   We have never been apart.     P R Sinclair   2016-12-30
Waking up with tea   listening to the family   discussing Christmas     P R Sinclair 2016-12-26
Watching others work   Knowing that my turn   Comes later when I clean up     P R Sinclair 2016-12-24
Drab skies drift above   crowded city streets   bright with the lights of Christmas     P R Sinclair 2016-12-19
On the bus, dreaming  Of a better way  To make enough to live well   P R Sinclair 2016-12-15
Relentless deadline   Pushing me to work   Abandoning family     P R Sinclair 2016-12-28

© 2019 by Parker Rufus Sinclair.

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