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I sift ideas   words, thoughts, memories   to find the universal.     P R Sinclair 2017-07-22
Midsummer - dreaming   of hot, sunny days   with hints of harvest's bounty.     P R Sinclair 2017-06-19
A confetti of   cherry blossom marks   the conjugations of spring.     P R Sinclair 2017-04-29
When life becomes so busy   Each momentbustling   Filled with demands of others     Then I must remind myself   There are no victims   only volunteers.     P R Sinclair 2017-03-11
Dark clouds line the sky   Lightning earths with a fork'd tongue   There will be no rain     P R Sinclair 2017-02-27
The surge of ideas   Emotions flowing in words   That's inspiration!     P R Sinclair 2017-02-23
Past regrets at peace   Along with planned tomorrows -   Here I meditate.     P R Sinclair 2017-01-19
Distant fro my roots   I feel the weight of   A culture not quite my own     And find I have to   labour to unearth   continuity in me.     P R Sinclair 2017-09-01
Drag myself to the kitchen   Boil kettle and pour   First tea of the day     P R Sinclair 2017-01-08
Happy New Year, world!   One year ends, a new one starts -   Possibilities!     P R Sinclair 2017-01-01
I hope you can see   By the light of my eye   Just how beautiful you are.     I hope that you feel   The warmth of my deeds   Feeding the fire of our love.     P R Sinclair 2017-02-07
That dreaded child hush   When they go quiet   Works for politicians too!     P R Sinclair 2017-04-12
So much time and yet   One rose can still remind me   How much I miss you
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